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Please Follow The Step by Step Instructions Below:

1.1 First Login to the client area and download the file by following this link:

Check The Screenshot Below:

1.2 BCP-API allows you to remotely download your proxy list Every Hour, which means your proxy list is refreshed every hour.

1.3 After download file you may upload to your Linux Apace server and Unzip it.

2. After unzip it’ll create a folder named /api/ on your server first open the config.php file with a text editor and edit/replace the first 3 lines which are:

$username = ‘’; (Replace with your login email address for client area)
$password = ‘yourpassword’; (Replace with your login password address for client area)
$packageid = ‘1234’; (Replace with your package ID number which can be found here:

Then save the file and exit from the editor.

3. Now you may access the /api/folder on your domain VIA web browser for example to Test and if everything is fine then you’ll see your proxy list appear on the same page.

4. The BCP /api/ will download your proxy list to a Text file called “proxy-list.txt” inside /api/ folder now you’ll be able to Import the proxy-list.txt file contents to your SEO Software / Browser / Proxy Software and you may use a software on your sever in order to do it automatically.

5. Also Note: that your server require to allow “fopen” and “cURL” functions for the API to function properly if there is a server error then you may fix it first with the help of your hosting provider in order to use the API.

6. You may set a Scheduled Task / Cron Job to run the API file once every 15 minutes and it’ll automatically download your proxy list every hour for example you may set a Cron Job in a Linux server like this: wget -O /dev/null

7. If you need further help please login to the client area and open a support ticket:

Posted on Nov 19, 2016

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