Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: We accept many payment methods for ease of our clients from all over the world including Paypal, Visa, Master, AMEX Credit Cards and Debit Cards VIA 2Checkout.

Q: Do you offer a money back guarantee?

A: Yes, our proxies are tested and proven to perform well. If they don’t meet your requirements, just contact us within 3 days of your initial purchase and we’ll issue you a full refund.

Q: Do your shared proxies perform well & how many clients are allocated per proxy? 

A: We’ve tested our proxies and they perform well with a maximum of 3 clients, so we’ve limited the number of clients on our proxies to 3, which means you’ll get the low price of cheap proxies AND the benefits & high performance of dedicated proxies.

Q: Is there a bandwidth limit on the proxies?

A: There is no bandwidth limit, as all proxies have unlimited bandwidth.

Q: What type of proxies are they— HTTP or socks?

A: All Proxies are HTTP Proxies.

Q: Are all Proxies High Anonymous?

A: Yes, all Proxies are High Anonymous proxies.

Q: Can you provide proxies in this format proxy IP:Port:Username:Password?

A: No we provide proxies in IP:Port format with IP Authorization feature.

Q: Do I need IP authentication to use your proxies?

A: Yes IP Authorization feature is available.

Q: How can I track my Ticket message?

A: You need to login to our system and go to the Support page to see your current opened ticket.

Q: Are there any restrictions with using proxies from different locations or multiple IPs?

A: Yes, for the clients who use IP authorization feature proxies can only be used from one PC or from one IP address at a time but multiple simultaneous IP connections are not allowed.

Q: Do your proxies support Craiglist?

A: Yes,We have many clients who use them for Craigslist, so you can give it a try to see if it works, otherwise, you can get your money back under our 3 day refund policy.

Q: Do your provide Socks4 or Socks5 Proxies?

A: No we do not provide Socks proxies but our proxies are HTTP.

Q: Do your proxies work with Conquer Online Gaming?

A: Yes they work,  but make sure your program or software is compatible and working with HTTP proxies.

Q: Do your proxies work with Social media?

A: Our proxies works fine with Social media like Twitter, Facebook,Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram etc.

Q: Do your proxies support SEO tools?

A: Yes our proxies work perfectly with all SEO tools like Scrapebox, GSA, SenukeXcr, Licorne AIO, Ultimate Daemon, BMD etc.

Q: When will I receive fresh proxies?

A: You can get a replacement for your proxies after 30 days of using them and please follow the user guide to get them.

Q: Can I create multiple accounts?

A: No, You’re not allowed to create multiple accounts on our website and if you do, it will lead to  an account ban and service suspension without refund and prior warning.

Q: How do I cancel an active proxy package?

A: 1. Send us cancellation requests for any “active proxy package” you have at the moment by following this link: http://buycheapproxy.org/client-area/clientarea.php?action=products

A:  2. Please make sure to cancel the related subscription from your PayPal account and by visiting https://2co.com/ online to prevent future automatic billing.

Q: Do you replace dead proxies?

A: Yes, we guarantee dead proxy replacement, just send us the IP of the proxy and after confirming the status of the proxy, then we will replace the proxy with a new one.

Q: When will I receive my proxies after completing payment?

A: After completing your payment, it will be verified through our Payment gateway in a process that can take anything between a few minutes to a 48 hour maximum period, after that you’ll receive an email from us with Proxy Activation Instructions.

Q: I made the Payment where can i get my proxies?

A:  after following the proxy activation user guide.

Q: Where do I find my purchased proxies?

A: You can get your proxy list immediately from our website Client Area  by following the user guide step by step and it’s located here: http://buycheapproxy.org/proxy-activation-guide

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