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How To Use Private Proxies In GSA

GSA Search Engine ranker is one of the most popular, hands free and time savings automated SEO software out there but most people specially newbies have difficulties finding how to add proxies to GSA and check them or run with SEO campaigns.

In this video it’ll show you how to add private proxies to your GSA software

 Why use Private Proxies (Semi-Dedicated) instead Free (Public) Proxies for GSA

  • Free proxies going to be dead quickly, if this happens your running campaigns will end up with low success rate.
  • Free proxies are already spammed by many other users so they’ll get banned so soon or already they are banned by Google, so you’ll not be able to use them for scraping tasks or posting.
  • Free proxies are unstable and slow.
  • Private proxies are stable and rarely have a dead proxy, even if there is one you can get it replaced with a working proxy, your GSA campaigns will run much smoother.
  • Private proxies are much faster than free proxies.
  • Private proxies (Semi-Dedicated) are much cheaper than Private proxies.
  • If you spend a few dollars to buy Private (semi-dedicated) proxies, then the success rate will be much greater and is really worth your money.

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Posted on Mar 7, 2015

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