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Scrapebox delay settings for private proxies

Scrapebox is a leading SEO Tool that’s widely used and popular among webmasters and web developers specially for Google harvesting / scraping and for blog commenting , when it comes to Google harvesting with scrapebox sometimes it may cause issues such as getting blocked your IP by Google and as a result you’ll see 301, 302, 501 errors messages on Scrapebox proxy checker meanwhile you’ll not be able to use your IP or proxies for harvest with Google and your IP will be blocked temporarily for a certain period of time.

To prevent getting blocked your own IP address you can use shared or private proxies but using private proxies is not a permanent  solution for the issue because it’s possible Google to block the proxies too.

Why does Google block IP or Proxy?

If you try to rush Google by sending rapid automated queries using any software such as Scrapebox, GSA then defiantly Google will block your proxies but many SB users know how to avoid it, simply follow the instructions below.

The Solution to prevent getting blocked IP or Proxies by Google wile Scraping

To prevent issues with Google other Search Engines it’s always recommended to use 1 connection per 10 private proxy + use at least 5 seconds delay while Google harvesting / scraping, set that in your scrapebox settings and if your proxies are blocked then give it some cool down time and try it again with these settings and in most cases you’ll have no issue in the future and using public proxies for scraping and private proxies for posting is recommended by many scrapebox proxy providers and alternatively when you have issues with Google you can use Yahoo and Bing options in SB for harvesting / scraping.

 How to set / configure scrapebox to run with delay settings

Step 1:

Configure Scrapebox Delay Settings


Step 2:

Scrapebox maximum connection settings


Step 3:

Scrapebox RND Delay Settings


Step 4:

Running scrapebox with active delay settings


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Posted on Dec 29, 2014

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